Personal Hygiene Products

baby-diapers Baby Diapers
adult-diapers Adult Diapers
sanitary-napkins Sanitary Napkins

Features & Benefits

  • Soft, Uniform and Strong
  • Non toxic and Non irritating
  • Economical

Agricultural Crop Protection

crop-cover3 Crop Cover
soil-cover2Soil Cover
agriWind and Insect Protection

Features & Benefits

  • Protects against UV radiation, wind and insects
  • Increases farm production
  • Economical

Textile / Industrial Applications

hospital-garmentsProtective Garments in Hospitals & Industries
lining-backing-luggagesLining/Backing/Interlining in Upholstery, luggages & Garments
bedsheetsBed sheets & Pillow/Head covers

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to cut, stitch and heat seal
  • Easy to print, dye and laminate
  • Economical