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Crop Covers are UV Treated fabrics are specially manufactured for Agricultural sector, in crop cultivation, landscaping and gardening. Generally 17 and 18 GSM UV treated white fabric is used in hot climate and 20 to 30 GSM in cold climates to protect the crops from frost.

Soil Cover (Mulching). Generally 50 TO 70 GSM UV treated dull dark color like Anthresite black is used.

crop_coverCrop Cover
soilcover_agrisultureSoil Cover
Green_houseGreen House


UV treated Protection against extremities of weather, hot and cold climates, UV radiation, strong wind, heavy rain and hail.
Strong wear and tear resistant Protection against insects and birds
Light weight and uniform Controlled and consistent climate promotes plant growth
Air & Water permeable Conversion is easy, fast and cost effective.
Air permeable, better ventilation. Extended harvesting season possible
Light permeable (Transparent)  Therefore is economical and ecofriendly
 Conservation of soil moisture
 Maintenance of soil temperature
 Protection against growth of weeds
Protection against soil insects and organism
Reduction in inputs such as water, fertilizer, pesticides
Increase in yield