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fiberwebindia Competencies

Nonwoven Unit (100% EOU)


Fiberweb has set up manufacturing unit of Non -Woven Spun Bonded Polypropylene Fabric with the state of art REICOFIL II DOUBLE BEAM plant, supplied by the renowned No.1 manufacturer REIFENHAUSER Gmbh of Troisdorf, Germany.

Fiberweb can produce 15-150 gsm fabrics in roll width, length, diameter & weight available in a wide array of colours.

This fabric has diverse applications: Hygiene usage – cover stock for baby diapers, sanitary products, etc. Agricultural usage – crop covers, ground covers, etc. Medical usage – medical made ups, bed linen, etc., and other applications like filtration medium, industrial work clothing, head covers, disposable table wipes and mats, etc. to name a few.


The melt blown process produces a fine fiber, small pore size, non-woven web directly from polymer chips. The web is formed entirely of a given polymer without the need of added binders, finishes or thermal bonding of the fibers. A variety of additives can be put in with the polymer to affect the end properties of the web: similar to any other extrusion based process. The web can undergo further processing such as calendaring to produce finer pore sizes.

FWB has two beam meltblown fabric production line. The maximum width that can be produced is 2.2 meters. The nominal line speed is upto 70 m/min, which can give upto 400kg / hr. throughput. The output of the meltblown process is a microfiber with a diameters ranging from as little as 0.1 micron to as large as 15 microns.

This fabric has diverse applications: Filtration – Meltblown applications includes surgical face masks, liquid filtration, gas filtration, cartridge filters, clean room filters, medical fabrics- the largest segments of the medical market for melt blown non-woven fabrics are disposable gowns, draps and sterilisation wraps. Sanitary products – Meltblown fabrics are used frequently in feminine sanitary napkins, diaper top sheets and disposable adult incontinence products. Absorbents – This is the single largest market for Meltblown fabric which has a various usage like Pillows, Spill Kits, Floor Drying, Bonded Meltblown Pads & Rolls (these are constructed with 2 plies of Polypropylene i.e. Spunbond / Meltblown. These pads and rolls are universally used to absorb oil, water and water-based chemicals) and Track Mat (This product can be used to prevent ground contamination during railroad maintenance.)