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Meltblown Fabric

fiberwebindia Meltblown Fabric

Meltblown Fabric


Medical Fabrics

The largest segments of the medical m arket for meltblownnonwoven fabrics are disposable gowns, drapes and sterili zation wraps.

Oil Absorbents

Picking up oil from water, such as an accidental oil spill, is a common use for meltblown fabrics. Additionally, they are used for mats in machine shops /industrial plants.


These are sometimes used in battery separators and as insulation in capacitors


This is the single largest market curre ntly for meltblown fabrics. Meltblown applications include surgical face masks, liquid filtration, gas filtration, cartridge filters, clean room filters etc.

Sanitary Products

Used frequently in feminine sanitary napkins, diaper top sheets &disposable adult incontinence products.


Disposable industrial apparel, thermal insulation and substrates for synthetic leather.