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fiberwebindia Subsidiaries
The 100% subsidiary in Dubai, set up in 2017, is engaged in trading activity. FIL is predominantly engaged in exports of, quality, nonwoven fabrics to reputed international customers. FIL used to receive enquiries from its existing customers who were also seeking to source cheaper material as well, for different applications. This offered FIL an opportunity to feed additional demand.

Besides the fact that FIL was already booked for its existing capacities, the company had no intent to produce cheaper/lower quality material and dilute the ‘Fiberweb’ brand with its existing customers. In order to yet be in a position to cater to such demand, without impacting its brand, the company set up a 100% subsidiary in Dubai. FIL has identified smaller manufacturers, based in China, courtesy some industry exhibitions in which it participates. FIL procures spunbond fabric from these vendors and supplies it internationally. FIL intends continuing this business as long as it makes a reasonable margin, without putting any strain on its existing resources.