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Industrial Protective Clothing

fiberwebindia Industrial Protective Clothing


Excellent dimensional stabilty.   Fabric is economical.
Non toxic, dermatologically neutral, non irritating.   A great variety of uses possible.
Resistant to moisture, mildew, rot.   Safe.
Light weight, flexible, soft, easy to work.   Conversion is easy, fast and cost effective.
Air permeable, better ventilation.   Attractive.
Strong, wear & tear resistant.    
Easy to cut, stich/sew, heat seal.    
Can be printed, dyed, laminated.    
Washable many times.    

Industrial Gowns

Roof Lining Membrane

Product Characteristics: Insulating textile composite material based on melt-blown and spunbond type non-wovens intended in particular for the insulation of roof structures begin without casing. Its main features are the following: strength, resistance, to water penetration, water vapour permeability, flame resistance, and ultra-violet radiation resistance.